Reminiscing works wonderfully when traditional, authentic objects can be viewed and handled. I utilize a mixture of different objects that help trigger memories which are focal points for group discussion.

By stimulating the five senses touch, sight, smell, action and hearing this is beneficial for stimulating the brain and unlocking past memories as well as creating new ones. I use vintage and replica items that are sure to allow participants to enjoy their reminiscence experience and currently have 84 themed boxes.

At the end of the session I provide a written report as evidence that can be used for CQC to prove that your home is providing stimulating therapies and complying with Outcome 4: Care and Welfare of people who use services also providing an activity that is recommended by the National Dementia Strategy. I also provide a reminiscence loan box service for care homes for a minimal charge.

List of our Current Reminiscence Box Themes
Ice Skating Box
Teddy Bear Box
Vera Lynn Box
Cliff Richard Box
Horse Box
British Bird Box
Smell Sensory Box
Sweet Box
Women’s WW2 Box
Titanic Box
Olympic Box
Design a Fan Box
Dance Box
Sewing Box
Cat Box
Travel Box
Train Box
Venetian Mask Box
1990’s Box
21st Century Box
Schools Days Box
Wedding Box
Indian, Jewish and Black Culture Box
Variety Activity Box
Music Box
Post cards and Vintage magazines Box
Fashion Through the Ages Box
Bird Box
Fan Box
Christmas Box
Decades 1950, 1960,1970, 1980 and 1990’s boxes
Evening out Box
Poetry Box
Old Radio Programmes Memories Box
Valentine Day Box
Hat Box
Motorbikes and Cars Box
Seaside Box
General Household Box
WW2 Box
WW2 Women’s Box
WW2 Children’s Evacuee Box
Post Office Box
Men’s Conversation Box
Pub Table Top Game Box
Traditional Toy Box
Mother’s Wash Day Box
Sports Box
Easter Box
Art Box
Gardening Box
Queen HRH Box
Titanic Box
Beatles Mania Box
Steam Train Box
Sewing Box
Sweet Box
Dance Box
Wedding Box
Indian Culture Box
Elvis Box
Cliff Richard Box
Max Bygraves Box
Vera Lynn Box
All Things British Box
School Box
Smell Sensory Box
Shoe/Brass Cleaning Box
Pearly King and Queen Box
Mantle Piece Box
Memories At a Touch Box
Car Badges Box
Bus Reminiscence Box
Chinese New Year Box
Costume Doll Box
Film Star Box

Vintage Baking Box

Currency  Reminiscence Box

Coronation Box

Old Time Music Box

International Women’s Day Box

Table Top Game Box

Vintage Tea  Box 


Fishing Reminiscence Box

Aeroplane Reminiscence Box

Butterfly Box

The Muppet Show Box

Thimble Box


Music captivates and maintains attention – it stimulates & utilizes many parts of the brain. People often can respond to music even when other aspects of cognition are impaired. Music can awaken buried memories or evoke emotional responses that may otherwise be inaccessible.

The advantage of music is that, because it is sound, it is difficult to avoid it. Even if you feel unable to respond to people, you are obliged to hear the music, if not too consciously to listen to it; and we use music to keep the participants engaged and lead them to a response.



  • Music is success-oriented – people of all ability levels can participate.
  • Music structures time; it allows us to track various lengths of time, and can sometimes alter our perception of its passage.
  • Music provides a meaningful, enjoyable context for repetition.
  • Music provides a social context – it sets up a safe, structured setting for verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Music is an effective memory aid.
  • Music supports and encourages movement; in some cases, rhythm propels our muscles on a neural level.
  • Music taps into memories and emotions.
  • Music – and the silences within it –provides nonverbal, immediate feedback.
  • Music can ebb and flow, changing moment to moment to reflect the reactions and needs of the people who are listening or participating.




Using different types of art projects and craft materials it helps to  stimulate the senses and provides a platform for participants to express and enjoy themselves. We use different art materials  so residents can experience a range of creativity in our sessions and express themselves in an engaging and enjoyable way.

I offer this services which includes all materials in the price and a written report is provided at the end of the session to document the session and can be used as evidence for CQC to prove your home is providing stimulating therapies and complying with Outcome 4: Care and Welfare of people who use services.

I can work with groups or individuals on a one to one.



Sozo and Ann Marie
ayo the hedghog

Ayo The African Pygmy Hedgehog

Research has shown how beneficial pets  can be to the elderly, especially those who are living in a nursing home. Regular visits with pets, usually dogs, can have positive physical, emotional, and mental benefits. Physical benefits include lowering blood pressure, lowering heart rate, and reducing overall stress. Emotional benefits are reducing anxiety and depression, decreasing loneliness through increasing social interaction with the pets and their human companions.

Consistent interaction with a pet has been shown to cause an increased release of serotonin and dopamine in the brain which can help calm and soothe a person’s body. This can be helpful for patients with Alzheimer’s dementia, as regular pet visits may help to decrease unwanted behaviors and calm their agitation. Also, there are mental benefits that are a result of increased mental stimulation, whether it’s talking to the pet directly, asking questions about the pet. I use my rabbit called Sozo and African Hedgehog called Ayo for pet therapy as they are small and safe to handle by all.

Please call to book if you are interested on 01903 236814 .