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Dementia Tech is our local community charity which brings the latest technological equipment that is beneficial to people who have dementia. We use items and technology that is dementia focused, which has amazing benefits on those who use them. What we endeavour to do as a charity is purchase such technology and avail it to those who have dementia in the community to use it and have access of such items. We run community projects, work with care homes and day centres utilising our equipment which includes a virtual reality headset , a magic table and the use of tablets and other technology which we use in sessions we facilitate.

The purpose of our project is to:

•Dispel myths associated with people’s assumptions about dementia

•Building active dementia friendly communities

•Promoting citizenship

•Pass on traditions through oral history via reminiscence therapy

•Address inequality

•Increased choice, safety, independence and sense of control

•Improved quality of life

•Reduced burden placed on carers

•Improved support for people with long-term health conditions

•Provide access to latest technological devices for recreational use

•Promote a sense of well-being

•Reduce loneliness

•Change people’s perceptions of older people and technology

•Help care homes to allow their residents access to latest technology

•Remove labels

All of the above can contribute to the development of a sustainable community.