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Freelance activity coordinator course

I have just over eight years’ experience working in the care sector. For five of those years I was a Home Manager and have seen the sector evolve and expand at a rapid rate. There is a lot of activity going on, different pools of people/groups doing their thing but not much coherency across the sector. There are great individuals making a difference but not much support for them especially those individual’s like you and me working independently in care homes.

There is one group of awesome people who work within the sector doing a vital service and that is the Activity Coordinator. Especially the freelance ones, there is no support out there, no one to tell you what pit falls to avoid and best practice, that’s where  I come in.

I am delighted to offer a 3 week unique course put together especially for you, who is currently running a freelance activity coordinator business or thinking of doing so. I started out 3 years ago by myself and learnt as I went long and ended being a market leader having people seeking me out for advise and training!

I am passionate about what I do and wish to help people everywhere who share the same passion as me, to help and bring enjoyment to those individuals who have dementia or live within a care setting.

I know if you sign up for this course it will make a world of difference to you and your business and positively affect those around you who you offer your services too.

Here’s What You Get:

  • You get access to exclusive facebook group, where I will post weekly videos regarding each week’s topics, work book, access to my fabulous course Developing the Role of An Activity Coordinator in week 2, and information on all you need to know and do to set up your business and exclusive discounts on products to help you on your way.
  • I know how daunting a task it is and also as a bonus at the end of the 3 week course I will do a 30 minute 121 call with each of you.
  • You also have access to me, to help you and advise you best I can.  I have a lot of experience and good contacts within the care sector community and can advise you on what works and what does not work having built up my own business from scratch.

 So NOW is the time to work for yourself, earn real money, make a difference and be your own person.

You can sign up for £129.99

I have kept the price low and realistic.

Why Join this Course?

course benefits

Helping You have A Greater Amount of Control

By gaining the extra knowledge you will  learn as you go through the course material, it  allows for a greater ability to control in which direction your business will go, also helps you  think if you wish to offer other services within the remit of what you already do. You are the master of your own domain.

Personalised Service

Since you’re the face of your business, your clients will have the added advantage of your streamlined personal service you offer. You will learn the importance of person centred focus with your clients on all levels.


This is perhaps one of the most popular reasons  to work for yourself, you can offer a bespoke service , have the freedom to adapt as you would see fit and you can dictate your own working hours to suit your needs. You can take on as much or as little work as you feel capable of.

The Way of the Future

Many analysts believe that freelance work is the way forward for many businesses, with dementia on the increase and people living longer there will always be a demand for your service within the care sector.

Getting involved now and setting yourself up is as good a time as any especially with support and knowledge you will have from completing this course.


I will be available in the private Facebook group to help you with questions, queries etc. To have exclusive support and a 30 minute one to one call from me so I can help you and give you pointers on your own personal service you offer.

Make this investment in you and your business, you deserve it!

Ann-Marie Lovejoy

Wishing you every success!

Ann Marie Lovejoy on behalf of Lovejoy Centre

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