What Labels Define You?

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Society teaches us from an early age how to distinguish between people by labelling them. In our work as AC’s we must be mindful not to let these mindsets influence our interaction with our beautiful people we work with.
Labelling dehumanises a person, especially the elderly, which should not be the case. People’s attitudes generally are well their old, it does not matter, WONG! It does matter. They are individual people who have grown old, lived a full life, contributed to society and now it’s time for us to give them something back, without labels.
Referring to residents in a care home as service users is a no no, or old dear, love etc. We should use their names, honour, affirm and validate them.
Labels can cause us to have an attitude if we don’t check ourselves and affect the way we treat others around us.
We make judgements mentally and wonder why we feel a certain way around certain people, in the care sector we can’t afford to do this.
I am sure we can all relate to this topic with experiences and stories of people we have worked with behaving in this way.
So my challenge to you is change your language when referring to your residents, call them by their name,take time to find out what they need and want, challenge and correct your workplace culture by bringing this up in staff meetings and finally YOU be the one to set the example.
Labels are bad, when we learn to be objective, push past our own preconceived ideals, beliefs systems then change will come.
Until next time. Keep shining beautiful people.
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Ann Marie

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